We take real estate very seriously and understand that during the move we play an important part as an
advisor, negotiator, advocate, referral source, therapist and friend. To us, this is one the coolest aspects of being Realtors.

Open Door Real Estate, Inc. is co-owned by Jim Hendry & Svein Groem. Jim and Svein both started out in real estate with a keen interest in investment properties. The business partnership evolved over the years with Open Door Real Estate growing into what it is today. Today Open Door is a highly productive boutique real estate company with numerous highly talented real estate agents serving the entire Boulder and Denver Metro Area. Taking a progressive approach in the real estate industry, Jim and Svein combine the savvy of investors with the need of the general public to bring a truly unique experience when buying and selling real estate.


Why Open Door Real Estate?

We tell you like it is because we understand that if your house is prepared, priced right and negotiated correctly, it sells quickly and you make the most money possible. We want your experience to be about YOUR move and make it as stress free as possible.

If you find your dream home the first time out, great. If it is 50 houses later, not a problem. We listen carefully to what you want, and then make it our priority to match you and your budget with your perfect home.

We have extensive knowledge of the real estate market including years of experience with investing and in fix and flips. This gives you as the buyer and/or seller a leg up on protecting your property for future gains, as well as a realistic view of the demands in an ever-shifting real estate market. Because of our heavy investing background, we know many contractors around town. We know ones that give us deals because we give them bulk business—this translates to a savings for you when it comes to inspection items.